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05 April 2010 @ 11:16 pm
i can't live without!  

okay. so. I was thinking the other day: why is it that i NEVER have any time to do the things i HAVE to do? where does all that time go?

sadly, the answer was right in front of me: computers, television, music.

now, i won't lie, i have said several times that i can't live without glee, gossip girl, vampire diaries, music, and pictures of pretty people. but i want to find out if that's just an easy excuse, or a legit reason for me to be using technology so much.

okayl, so the idea is simple. no technological stuff for me, unless it is inevitable. this technology-ban will be in effect from the 7th of april, starting 0:00, and will end thursday the 29th, 23:59.

things for school are inevitable, sometimes you just HAVE to look things up, for z-banden, projects, presentations, etc. that's about it.

twitter, tumblr, livejournal, tv shows, movies, texts, tv, and mp3 players are NOT considered inevitable. i'm pretty sure you can finish that list for yourself.

okay, so:

  • no texting. if i receive a text, i have to answer with a call.
  • no social networking. hyves, twitter, facebook, livejournal and tumblr can do without me for three weeks.
  • no tv or cathing up on shows online. i catch up on the nine episodes of gossip girl, glee and the vampire diaries later.
  • no music. not on the computer, not on my psp. the only music allowed is through my cdplayer, which has been catching dust for about two years straight now.
  • no writing on the computer. if i need to write, i'll write by hand. ouch.
  • no gaming. not on cell phones, consoles, computers. boardgames are okay though.

i probably forgot about 8456245 things on this list, but i'll probably find those things out later on.

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